JMack”Tha Hustler”

JMack “Tha Hustler” (CEO of MaJic Touch Productions) is an artist, music producer and audio engineer from Alexandria, LA who loves creating hip hop and R&B feel good music. Having a love for music at a young age, the thought of having his own studio fueled the desire to create his own music. Starting out as an MC, not being able to find the perfect beat was difficult. Getting to the studio was also difficult due to prices and location, leaving only one option…build his own studio and learn how to produce and engineer his own music.

Today JMack is creating and releasing his own music through his company, MaJic Touch Productions. While not only producing his own music, he also offers services in the form of beat production and audio engineering to other independent artist to create good music for all of the world to hear. His dream is to one day have a production company that the world would recognize. He wants to sign and help other artists to create and release their music in the way that they envision it to be heard. In the mean time, JMack “Tha Hustler” will continue to work hard, creating and releasing feel good music the world can vibe to.

JMack “Tha Hustler”